Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robotic Virtual Pets

Are you a virtual pets lover? Do you know where you can find a Robotic Virtual pet?
Find out how to have one just for you in the follow sites:
New robotic dog to be released by Sega on 16 Oct 2007 in Japan Sony Aibo
Robotic dog - recently discontinued Sony Aibo - Europe
Necord robotic pet from Japan
Cat from Sega in 2004 .Sega Toy's Dream Pet Series
From Sega Toys to be added Summer & Fall 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Virtual pet Cats

You just love cats? Why don't you create and play with your own cat!

Cat virtual pet games :

Felix a great virtual cat site from the U.K. sponsored by Purina
Meow Pal virtual cat from Meow Mix
ShowCats virtual cat game from makers of ShowDog
Kitten Tracks virtual cat
Pure Felinity buy, sell, breed and show virtual cats. Genetic traits are passed on.
Catsup Cat SIM game - in Sept 2007 URL said it was Closed
Virtual Kitty has lots of advertisements

Have Fun!