Friday, November 16, 2007

Fish Virtual Pet Games

You love fishes and desire to have your own! Now it's possible to create and take care of your fish in a virtual world. You can feed and treat your virtual fish in the follow sites: The best virtual pet site ever!!! Greatest cartoons! Guaranteed entertainment =) Create your fish, feed him, play with him, go to the school, fight with other fishes and much more! Win "aurux", virtual points, and become the richest pet in Fishland.

Virtual Fishtank: Design virtual fish and release them in a virtual fish tank.
Insaniquarium: Interesting virtual aquarium game where well tended fish drop coins you can use to buy more fish and stuff.

Have fun!

Fishland: A Virtual Underwarter World, a marine virtual pet site, launch in October 2006, is a very successful online game, with the aim to populate an underwater city, Aquafish, created by Young Fish, an extra-terrestrial citizen. The big challenge is to create a Fish, a virtual pet, inhabitant of this city, and to take good care of him, making sure all his growing needs are satisfied.

There are a lot of background services to support the Fishes evolution, such as shops, Libraries, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Hotels, Jobs, Banks, and even a Recycle post. In these different spaces, the users can buy items to feed, play and instruct his pet. But to do so, they’ve got to earn “Aurux”, the money of Aquafish. To have enough “aurux” to go shopping users just need to have fun! In the section “Games”, there are several challenges, like puzzles, adventures or even luck games. The points won will be converted in aurux. One other way to win more aurux is to participate in the
Fish Fights, where the users can put his Fish fighting with an opponent to win a price.

Since was launched, more than 360.000 users registered the site, and created until now 290.000 Fishes – their
online virtual pet.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Create a Virtual Pet

Virtual Pet Adoption can be a lot of fun, just be careful.

Many cyberpet game sites ask for personal information! Use caution in providing personal information, get your parents involved, before supplying family information. Install a good virus protection program and use it when downloading software.

Virtual Pets in the Million dollar page.

Dog Virtual Pet Games

If you just love dogs you have ti visit this sites and discover a new "dog" world.

You can raise, train and play with your virtual dog.

Are you Curious?

Some of the best Dod Virtual Pet Games: Raise and show virtual dogs, great graphics!
Furry-Paws: Raise, train and show virtual dogs- has some nice artwork
Blackstar Kennels: Nice virtual dog sim site
RSPCA CyberPet: A British Humane Society pet
Virtual Pups: A dog SIM game
Virtual Dog: From Ask the Vet, you can play for free or pay money to enter a contest.
Sim Dog Club: A Club for real dof fans
Virtual Dog: Has lots of advertisements
Virtual Puppy: Has lots of advertisements
Virtual Pets World: A world to create your virtual pet, including dogs. Beware there are many adds.

Dog Realm: Dog sim game
Houndism: Dog sim - race and show your dog
Dream Dogs: Dog sim - show your dog
Top Dogs: And other animals

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Virtual Barbie – Barbie Girls

The Barbie Girls world is a free Website which allows girls to create an avatar, design their own “room,” shop at the mall with B Bucks, go to the salon, play games, hang out and chat live with other girls.

There is also a movie theater where you can see Barbie-related entertainment. This summer Mattel also started selling a Barbie Girls device, which can be plugged into the computer and connects to the Web site, giving users more options in terms of fashion, furniture, pets and overall content.

This fall Barbie Girls will also be available in five additional languages, including German, French, Italian and Spanish. With Barbie Girl Mattel hopes to keep the “tween” girl interested, who are outgrowing their dolls and become more interested in technology and music and fashion.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robotic Virtual Pets

Are you a virtual pets lover? Do you know where you can find a Robotic Virtual pet?
Find out how to have one just for you in the follow sites:
New robotic dog to be released by Sega on 16 Oct 2007 in Japan Sony Aibo
Robotic dog - recently discontinued Sony Aibo - Europe
Necord robotic pet from Japan
Cat from Sega in 2004 .Sega Toy's Dream Pet Series
From Sega Toys to be added Summer & Fall 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Virtual pet Cats

You just love cats? Why don't you create and play with your own cat!

Cat virtual pet games :

Felix a great virtual cat site from the U.K. sponsored by Purina
Meow Pal virtual cat from Meow Mix
ShowCats virtual cat game from makers of ShowDog
Kitten Tracks virtual cat
Pure Felinity buy, sell, breed and show virtual cats. Genetic traits are passed on.
Catsup Cat SIM game - in Sept 2007 URL said it was Closed
Virtual Kitty has lots of advertisements

Have Fun!