Friday, November 16, 2007

Fishland: A Virtual Underwarter World, a marine virtual pet site, launch in October 2006, is a very successful online game, with the aim to populate an underwater city, Aquafish, created by Young Fish, an extra-terrestrial citizen. The big challenge is to create a Fish, a virtual pet, inhabitant of this city, and to take good care of him, making sure all his growing needs are satisfied.

There are a lot of background services to support the Fishes evolution, such as shops, Libraries, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Hotels, Jobs, Banks, and even a Recycle post. In these different spaces, the users can buy items to feed, play and instruct his pet. But to do so, they’ve got to earn “Aurux”, the money of Aquafish. To have enough “aurux” to go shopping users just need to have fun! In the section “Games”, there are several challenges, like puzzles, adventures or even luck games. The points won will be converted in aurux. One other way to win more aurux is to participate in the
Fish Fights, where the users can put his Fish fighting with an opponent to win a price.

Since was launched, more than 360.000 users registered the site, and created until now 290.000 Fishes – their
online virtual pet.

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