Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dog Virtual Pet Games

If you just love dogs you have ti visit this sites and discover a new "dog" world.

You can raise, train and play with your virtual dog.

Are you Curious?

Some of the best Dod Virtual Pet Games: Raise and show virtual dogs, great graphics!
Furry-Paws: Raise, train and show virtual dogs- has some nice artwork
Blackstar Kennels: Nice virtual dog sim site
RSPCA CyberPet: A British Humane Society pet
Virtual Pups: A dog SIM game
Virtual Dog: From Ask the Vet, you can play for free or pay money to enter a contest.
Sim Dog Club: A Club for real dof fans
Virtual Dog: Has lots of advertisements
Virtual Puppy: Has lots of advertisements
Virtual Pets World: A world to create your virtual pet, including dogs. Beware there are many adds.

Dog Realm: Dog sim game
Houndism: Dog sim - race and show your dog
Dream Dogs: Dog sim - show your dog
Top Dogs: And other animals

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